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Steaks, Hamburger, Chuck Patties
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14-21 Day Dry-Aged!
Raised on the Family Farm!
Pasture Raised Pasture Finished!
"Organic, grass-fed meat provides more nutrients and fewer toxins than grain-fed or conventional meat, with more antioxidants, omega-3s, trace minerals, and vitamins than any other food"
Dave Asprey, 
The Bulletproof Diet

"...the steak is so amazingly rich and tender. I never want to put another piece of steak in my mouth unless it comes from your cows."
Richard G.
Provo, UT

"Amazing! The meat was delivered quickly and in GREAT condition. The packaging was very neat and protected the meat perfectly! And of course the meat was delicious! We highly recommend Sunnyside Up Pastures! And had a great experience!"
Anderson Party of 5
"So impressed by this operation. They way they pasture feed them and just the way they interact with the animals. The cows were so sweet! They just let you walk right up to them, one of the cows walked up and let my daughter pet it. You can tell they are loved and well taken care of! I definitely would recommend Sunnyside up Pastures!"
Olene Yaeger
Perfectly Cut!
Amazing Taste!
Incredibly Tendure
Perfectly Natural Real Food
Thoughtfully Stewarding the Land & Animals
Tender Beef + Delicious Flavor in Every Bite
Healthy People, Healthy Planet
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