Cow Share Coordinator Program

The Easiest Way to Share a Cow

Have you ever tried to split a whole cow with your friends and family? 
One person has the headache of making all the arrangements with the butcher, making sure everyone pays. 
Picking up the meat, spreading everything out on the front lawn and then trying to split it evenly between everyone.
Forget all of that. Our program makes the process easy and enjoyable to share a beef with the ones you love.

About the Cow Share Coordinator Program

The coordinator program, is a great way to support local agriculture and share healthy meat with your friends.  
It also helps us get the word out there and helps to reduce our costs. 
This way we're able to offer our best pricing in the program along with other benefits.
  • Best Price: You get the absolute lowest price on the highest quality beef.
  • Sharing: You get to share in a whole beef with friends and family (which is such a fun experience!) 
  • Extended Sharing: Since we take care of delivery they don't even have to live nearby you.
  • ​Quick: Sharing your cow is as easy as sharing a unique link we'll send you, just for your cow.
  • Easy: We'll take care of evenly splitting the cow and shipping it straight to your friends and family
  • Bonus: We'll send you 10 lbs of beef for free as a thank you for taking on such an important roll

How it Works

  • Sign up as a community coordinator by filling out our easy form
  • Share your link. We’ll send you a private link that you can easily share with your friends and family
  • Reserve your shares. Your cow will be split into 8 equal shares. Each person can reserve as many shares as they would like at $180/share. Everyone receives the whole beef price. A total savings of over $40 per box.
  • Choose free shipping or pickup. We'll send an invoice with the final balance due to each person when their meat is ready for shipping or pickup.
  • Receive your bonus. As soon as you reserve your share as the coordinator. We'll send you a free 10 lb. Variety box of meat.  If you end up coordinating more than one Cow, we'll send you an extra 10 lbs. for every cow.
  • Celebrate with your community for having fully stocked freezers and supporting local agriculture.

Each whole beef is split into 8 equal boxes that can be shipped directly to each person's door.

Benefits of Becoming a Coordinator

  • Best price, You and all your friends and family get our best price and our healthy and nutritious meat.
  • First in line, When you sign up early as a coordinator, your beef is removed from public inventory and set aside just for you. Guaranteeing that you and your family gets a beef. Even if public inventory runs out.
  • Frustration free, We take care of coordinating with the butcher, making sure everyone pays, splitting the beef and delivering to everyone.  Making sharing your cow as easy and sharing your coordinator link.
  • Enjoyable. You, your friends and family get to enjoy the best beef that you can trust from a local sustainable farm.
  • Get FREE meat. Get 10lbs of free meat for every cow reserved.
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